Saturday, 4 January 2014

Current Events in Al-Qaedastan

For those not familiar with Al-Qaedastan, since it's pretty new, it's the largest Arab country in the world. It's about half of what used to be called Syria and Iraq, with outposts all through Syria and Lebanon.

It's the same guys they used to call "Al-Qaeda in Iraq." They now call their country, ISIL, a new name to include the addition of the Eastern half of Syria.


Al-Qaedastan's eastern border in Ramadi and Fallujah continues to expand. When they made their move and seized control, the Sunni tribes and Shiite government forgot their squabbles and united against them. But Al-Qaedastan is defeating them on the battlefield...

"BAGHDAD — Sunni militants fighting under the banner of Al Qaeda appeared to make gains across Anbar Province on Saturday, using snipers and rocket-propelled grenades in heavy street fighting, as they secured nearly full control of Falluja and captured the strategic town Karma. Government forces and the tribal militias fighting with them seemed unable to resist the militants' advances..."


And they are the ones that blew up all those people in the heart of Hezbollah Lebanon as they expand their borders in that direction too...

"ISIL said it had "struck its stronghold in the so-called security zone in southern suburbs of Beirut on Thursday ... in the first small installment of a heavy account that awaits these shameless criminals"."



But seems there's a revolt in central Al-Qaedastan...

Syrian rebels and activists have launched a second "revolution" nearly three years into the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, this time against a powerful Al-Qaeda affiliate accused of brutal abuses.

Battles have raged for two days across northern Syria since the newly formed Army of Mujahideen declared war on the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), with two massive rebel alliances joining the battle against the extremist group.

"The revolution has returned to its true path, and the rays of the sun have started to shine on Syria," Ibrahim al-Idelbi, an activist from the war-torn country's northwest with close ties to the rebels, wrote on his Facebook page.

Read more: Syrians launch new 'revolution' against Qaeda group - World - New Straits Times


Looks like we might not need to give Assad air support after all. Not that he's ever had a problem with Al-Qaeda in Iraq seizing half the country, he didn't want that half anyway, and it makes it our problem. Just like Al-Qaeda in Iraq was our problem when Saddam Hussein created them in the no-fly zone to torment us.

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