Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fwd: 40% of $19 billion for terrorism is a lot of money

40% of $19 billion for terrorism is a lot of money


Global Wildlife Poaching Helps Fund Terrorism, Report Says

By: Anthony Kimery

01/08/2014 (10:37am)


Forty percent of the estimated $19 billion global illicit wildlife trade funds terrorist organizations, concluded a new report by The Stimson Center's Managing Across Boundaries Initiative (MABC).


MABC deputy director Johan Bergenas said in the report, which he authored, that "transnational criminals and terrorist organizations, such as the Lord's Resistance Army and Al Shabaab, make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month by partaking, directly or indirectly, in the killing and sale of animal parts."


"Part of their proceeds go toward buying guns and bombs, paying their members, and planning and executing terrorist attacks," Bergenas wrote in his report, Killing Animals, Buying Arms: Setting the Stage for Collaborative Solutions to Poaching & Wildlife Crime.


Bergenas said the illicit wildlife trade is larger than the illicit trafficking of small arms, diamonds, gold and oil.


And "The result is deadly, such as the attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi in September 2013 that killed over 60 people and injured hundreds," Bergenas said. "In this light, today wildlife crime is no longer only a challenge to conservation, biodiversity and development. Poaching is -- just as the illegal trade in arms, drugs and counterfeit goods -- a serious threat to national and international security and economic development."


Saying "transnational organized criminals are highly adaptable experts at identifying new revenue streams and partners in crime," Bergenas "offers specific recommendations to fight this growing threat."







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