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Wednesday, January 08, 2014


This report is based on paradigm intel, BSU's and OSINT.

Back in 2008 USA's major banks were 
on the verge of collapse, they had quit lending,
and were in failure mode.
Based on fraudulent CRIMINAL trading
of Sub-prime paper.

At that time all the Banksters were involved in fraudulent criminal trading of Sub-prime paper.
Paper they knew was falsely rated AAA by Standards & Poor
when in fact it was actually D grade paper, 

One of the major problems were the false balance sheets
of all the banks representing Sub-prime paper
at 100% of value, and even the banks didn't know
how much bad paper the other banks were holding
or which banks might fail because they were holding 
so much bad paper, Even the banks didn't trust each other
and quit lending among themselves, for fear of
having large out standing loans to these banks because of 
the bad paper. 

The Federal Reserve recognized the impending disaster
and needed to know how big the problem was, just how 
bad it could become. 

But the banks were not talking, Bernanke made a deal
with them, they all became states witnesses agreeing to 
provide even propriety data in exchange for a promise
Question is if Obama used a secret Presidential order 
to cover this up?

The banksters did in fact use a soft type of blackmail,
they held the credit reigns for ALL OF AMERICA.

And hinted at locking up the credit lines of all
of America chocking off commerce for all of
America by locking down all credit thereby 
bringing on something far worse than
the Great Depression.

Bernanke got on the phone with Obama and indicated
he thought this epic fail could be averted if they acquiesced
to the banksters demand of IMMUNITY.

And the deal was made, orders went out to the FBI,
SEC, to ignore criminal violations of the banks compliance manual.  

PBS FRONTLINE made it clear last night that the FBI
and SEC have the tools to bring the banksters to justice
in their piece "To catch a Trader" about hedge funds
trading on insider information, STORY.

This PBS FRONTLINE story confirms
the Obama Government has the capability,
resources, applicable laws and sufficient man
power to go after the BANKSTERS IF OBAMA

The FBI doesn't act independently as we saw 
during the Nixon investigation, the FBI knew
Nixon was guilty but shielded him. 
But the FBI whistle blower DEEP THROAT 
leaked the story.
But we see FBI going after Hedge Fund traders
but ignoring SUB-PRIME banksters criminals.
The FBI only ignores crime if under direct orders of 
the President, Obama. 
Proof of concept "FBI Nixon investigation".



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This is the only paradigm that fits the Governments 
actions after the SUB PRIME DISASTER.

The BANKSTERS blacked mailed their way out
the worlds biggest fraud scheme, costing the world
trillions and then went on to defraud Americans out
of the American dream owning their own home,
and still no criminal convictions.
Wall Street Predicts $50 Billion Bill to Settle US Mortgage Suits -  CHUMP CHANGE ...NO PROSECUTIONS, G

Wall St Banks steal homes with impunity.

But the States didn't sign on to the agreement
and many have sued for chump change, but even
they couldn't bring criminal charges.




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