Wednesday, 8 January 2014

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The Latest from Planck's Constant

I Love My Penis - Hand Sanitizer

Posted: 07 Jan 2014 08:49 PM PST

I heart my penis hand sanitizer

I came upon this product, I Heart My Penis Hand Sanitizer, when I was researching silly product warnings for my article 13 Stupid Label Instructions.

When I originally saw this item I wasn't sure whether one uses this product before or after yanking one's pud. The warning label says: "Caution: Do not apply directly to penis.," and promises to leave one's hands (hands?) feeling soft and relieved. I wonder why they use the plural, don't most men use only one hand to spank the donkey? I have never known anyone who was ambidextrous and so never got to ask if they switch hands while they're bashing the bishop.

Personally I just use plain soap before I drain the dragon; recent reports indicate that most antiseptic hand sanitizers are a waste of money (1) and some are toxic (2).

One may wonder if there is a comparable product for females. A quick search reveals an item called "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer."

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

Well, that's fair.



CNN Health, 16 Oct 2013, Is hand sanitizer toxic?

Soap and water beats sanitizers hands-down

When it comes to safety and effectiveness, the main concern with hand sanitizers is triclosan, which is the main antibacterial ingredient in nonalcoholic hand sanitizers.

"There's no good evidence that triclosan-containing products have a benefit," says Allison Aiello, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan. In Europe and the United States, hospitals won't even use them, she notes; it's thought that they don't reduce infections or illness.

Dr. Anna Bowen, a medical epidemiologist at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says, "Triclosan-containing products don't provide any disease protection beyond what you get from washing with soap and water."


WDTV.COM 5 News, 17 Oct 2013, Report: Hand Sanitizer Could Be Toxic

While it's a great way to clean your hands on the go, some experts are saying you may want to watch out when it comes to using hand sanitizer.

Some are saying not only is it ineffective, it could also be toxic.

The new claim is that no matter how clean your hands may feel after you use hand sanitizer, your hands are still dirty. Some experts say it could even lower your resistance to disease.

They say one of the main antibacterial ingredients in non-alcoholic hand sanitizers could harm your immune system. The FDA is reviewing it right now to see if this is true.

Experts recommend instead to get a hand sanitizer that's alcohol based instead. They're fairly effective and safe. If your hands are really dirty, old-fashioned soap and water is the best way to go.

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