Friday, 3 January 2014

Fwd: Mayor de Blasio giddy about turning New York into a Marxist paradise


Mayor de Blasio giddy about turning New York into a Marxist paradise

You might recall our story about New York City's new "progressive socialist" Mayor Bill de Blasio and how close we are to fulfilling all ten points of the Communist Manifesto.

According to the speakers and message at de Blasio's inauguration today, the Big Apple's new Fidel can't get there soon enough.

Writing for the National Review Online, John Fund described a veritable Marxist/socialist love fest at the event, beginning with pro-Communist activist Harry Belafonte.

Fund writes that Belafonte proclaimed:

"We will be no longer a divided city," as he compared today's New York to a "Dickensian" nightmare, as departing mayor Mike Bloomberg looked on stone-faced. "We can become America's DNA for the future." Not to be outdone, Belafonte was followed by the Reverend Fred Lucas Jr., whose talk was dominated by slavery metaphors and analogies. He compared New York's five boroughs to a "plantation" and managed to cram into his short speech other references to slavery, such as "shackles," "bondage," "auction blocks," "the Emancipation Proclamation," the "Civil War," and the "Reconstruction Era."

And to think that when I made references to economic slavery, dependency, and the 21st century economic plantation, liberal progressives and their black henchmen went apoplectic. As Spock would say, "fascinating."

After all this bluster, there was America's "first black president," Bill Clinton who in typical fashion, attempted to moderate the tone and appear statesmanlike, according to Fund,

Bill Clinton then rose and tried to strike a little balance. But the crowd was having none of it. When he praised retiring mayor Bloomberg for leaving New York "stronger and healthier" after twelve years in office, there was dead silence. The cheers were saved for de Blasio, who proclaimed a "new progressive direction" that will "take dead aim at the 'Tale of Two Cities'" injustices he emphasized in his campaign.

He then recited the key elements of his platform: affordable-housing projects, an end to hospital closures, reform of the "broken" stop-and-frisk policy, and a tax on upper-income earners. After each item, he would say, "We won't wait, we'll do it now."

Sound familiar, America? And the similarities and common ties to Barack Obama do not just end at governing philosophy. Fund noted that Bertha Lewis, the former national head of the scandal-ridden ACORN "community-organizing" group, was an honored guest, and apparently ACORN has been wanting to get DiBlasio into the mayoral mansion since 2001.

I know everyone is focusing on a Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016 but be wary of sleight of hand. The insidious far left progressive socialists are drunk with election success. America has given them our country and its largest city to be led by individuals whose ideology and beliefs are completely antithetical to our Constitutional Republic.

I say look out for Elizabeth Warren or even Bill de Blasio in 2016. I'd lean more to Senator Warren because the liberal progressives need another marketing gimmick, with America's first female president.

How can it be that the center for free market capitalism and entrepreneurship is now led by an avowed Marxist/socialist? If we continue to bury our heads in the sand, the community organizers and the low to no information voters will turn us from citizens into subjects.

The Marxist-style message being promulgated by progressives such as Obama and de Blasio has never been successful anywhere in the world. Instead of income equality we will end up with shared misery, just like so many failed socialist states.

Perhaps New Yorkers felt a need to be avant-garde, but in the long run you're looking at potential economic devastation that will make David Dinkins pale in comparison (pun intended). We can only hope it will turn out as Sir Winston Churchill stated: "Americans can be counted on to eventually do that which is right, after they have exhausted all other means."

Doggone, didn't know that meant we would have to test our tolerance for Marxism. We are dangerously close to seeing the implementation of the fine points of the Communist Manifesto. And to think the Left went crazy when I said so in 2012 – I guess they didn't like anyone calling them out. Funny think, I never saw my name next to four Pinocchios or listed as the "Lie of the Year." Fascinating.





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