Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fwd: a new project i'm working on...


Happy new year and I hope your Christmas was as great as you all are. You've probably seen my posts on this blowing up Facebook lately, but I wanted to write a personal email letting you know directly about this new thing I'm up to that should be interesting to libertarians, media/communications people, and badasses across the board...

You can check out the website for it to get the full story and watch the video, but basically, I am undertaking a multimedia journalism project -- essay, video, photography -- on the stories of Iranian immigrants to the United States and their American-born children. I am crowdfunding $5,000 by February 1st in order to do this as part of a cross-country trip and seminar series organized by the Millennial Trains Project. My project itself is called Rose Petal Pathways: Journeys Through Iranian America.

You guys know from our friendship that I have a personal stake in doing a good job on this, being the daughter of a man who left Iran in the wake of the Islamic Revolution of 1979. And since so much political stuff is happening right now between Iran and the United States, I think that documenting the perspectives of the people who have a foot in both worlds could be a really revealing, really powerful undertaking. 

I consider you my good friends and I know you're all very passionate about these kinds of grassroots/indie activities, so I'm reaching out in the hopes you'll decide to spread the word in your networks and maybe even contribute as well. You can go to the website ( to get more detail and donate if you like what you see. Right now I'm hoping those who are so inclined will contribute in the $25 range, but, of course, any amount counts.

Please spread the word to all of your friends -- ALL of them! ;) -- that a fellow libertarian is reaching out for support!

Always yours,

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