Friday, 3 January 2014

Hey Plain Ol?

Greetings Everyone!
This message is for everyone, but in particular, I am most curious as to what Plain Ol' American thinks about the latest news coming out of the "Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea" ("DPRK").  
I have been watching videos from North Korea frequently,  and try to keep abreast with as much information as I can obtain, but most recently, the information seems to become more troubling than ever.
As Bear posted earlier,   Kim Jong Un has claimed to have executed his Uncle, who several months ago was the No. 2 Man in the DPRK.  If the reports are true,  (which seem to be eminating from Bejing)  then it is a most gruesome execution, of which Kim Jung Un and his Cabinent of 300 all watched.
What is I think just as interesting, is that Kim Jung Un's New Year's message three weeks ago claimed that "Dear Beloved Uncle"  had been killed by firing squad:
(Again, note how bizarre this video is to Western Standards!)
Two weeks ago,  Kim Jong Un started making references alluding to "Uncle"  being, "worse than a dog":
Today,  (Less than five hours ago, which is tomorrow, January 4th in the DPRK)  "Dear Uncle" was purportedly fed to ravished dogs with five os his aides:

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