Thursday, 2 January 2014

Libertarians field 7 candidates in DC - the largest and most diverse slate of any party

Libertarians field 7 candidates in DC - the largest and most diverse slate of any party

7 Libertarians should appear on the April primary ballot in DC in 7 different races.  This is a larger field than any other party except the Democrats, and a more diverse slate than any other party (including Democrats).  (At least 3 Libertarian candidates are immigrants or have immigrant parents.)

Pranav Badhwar, Ward 6 City Council seat.  Badhwar, the father of two school age children, is a decade long resident of Capitol Hill.  A marketing manager foe a telecommunications company, he was a Ron Paul delegate in 2012.

Frederick Steiner, City Council At Large.  Steiner, a new dad, works in IT and lives in NE DC in Ward 4.  A new dad, he has an MBA from George Mason University.

Sara Jane Panfil, Delegate to Congress.  Panfil graduated from Columbia University in 2010 and works as a paralegal.

Ryan Sabot, Ward 3 City Council seat.  Sabot is a student at American University and chair of the DC Libertarian Party.

Martin Moulton, Shadow Representative to Congress.  Moulton, a Shaw resident, was a 2012 Ron Paul alternate, and is a Dartmouth graduate and active cyclist. 

John Daniel, Shadow Senator.  Daniel, a resident of Logan Circle, is a start up entrepreneur and Israeli immigrant.

Bruce Majors, Mayor.  Majors is a realtor and was a 2012 candidate for Congress. 

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