Sunday, 12 January 2014

Re: New 3D printer can print a 2500 sq foot house in 24 hours!

I see you're finally waking up to what the future holds... robots.

Soon they will not just help in the manufacturing process; they'll design, engineer, fabricate and assemble ... everything.

3D printers are/will also fabricate exact replacement human organs out of your own DNA.

In the bit farther future (say 150 years), if and when your body wears out or is somehow destroyed, your collective conscious of everything you've said, thought or dreamed of, will be stored  (backed-up) on electronic memory and will be put inside an android body.
People in the future will go to their own funerals!
Of course funerals won't be what they historically were either... 

One of the hot trends in housing at the moment is old refurbished shipping containers (of which there are millions laying around) that you can modify, and stack any way like building blocks.
The architectural possibilities are many, while the cost to refurbish and finish are relatively low.

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