Saturday, 11 January 2014

Why "lazy" kids are smarter than you and already know what will happen in the future.

There is nothing a computer robot won't be able to do better than a human in the next 100 years.

What will they be able to do???

1. Robots will be able to understand multiple people talking at the same time, and converse in any language.

2. Robots will be able to see 360 degrees around them without the need to turn their head... 2.1 they'll also be able to smell and differentiate those smells better than any dog can. 2.2 They also be able to see telescopically and microscopically.

3. Robots will be able to know your face, name, history, address, medical issues, legal issues, and many other things about you upon your first meeting... without asking you a single question.

4. Robots will be able to venture and maneuver in extremely dangerous places without fear or apprehension ... say goodbye to your jobs firemen, policemen, military, etc.

5. Robots will perform surgeries, replace body parts, diagnose illness, fill prescriptions .... say goodbye to your jobs doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

6. Robots will near instantly be able to analyze complex legal, moral and ethical problems in much the same way it takes humans days, weeks, months or years of research and meetings ... say goodbye to your jobs researchers, lawyers, judges and politicians ...and all their staff.

7. Robots will excel at every sport ... say goodbye to your jobs athletes.

8. Robots will excel at all the arts ... say goodbye to your jobs musicians, actors, artists and chefs.

9. Robots will engineer, design, produce, manufacture in almost every industry... say goodbye to your jobs bosses, white and blue collar alike.

10. Robots will take care of almost every aspect of society.

Don't worry about organized unions, or private contractors... there won't be any in the future.
It's just a matter of time, a short amount of time. Maybe not in my lifetime, but most certainly within 100 years.

The only reason there aren't more robot factories right now, is because there are too many insecure egomaniacs who hold on to the false premise that they are better than you in one way or another.
They purposely make things more complex and difficult than they actually need to be for the simple purpose of being in control... of you.
But, they aren't better, and every single one of them will learn they aren't... oh, say goodbye to your jobs teachers.

Politics as we know them?
With all the lies and misinformation... not with robots who can cross reference all known information in a split second... say goodbye to inaccuracies, misinformation, counter-intelligence, propaganda, and lying.

Economics as we and history have known them?
Won't exist.
More than likely it will be based on a resources. Surely to the disdain of free market capitalists. But there will be absolutely no stopping progress.
You can slow it, and there will be many people who try. Creating bumps along the way. But in the end they will most assuredly fail. As they should fail.

Progress; the act of moving forward.
Regress; the act of moving backward.

If you could time travel ask any person (and I do mean any) from the pre- 20th century past; "would you like to live now, or would you like to be sent back to the past"?
100% without exception would choose "now"
All you'd have to do is give them a simple ice cream cone, or show them something simple you take for granted, and they'd be sold on now!

What will humans do?
Anything they want.

The true definition of freedom.
It will only be of little interest to the vast majority of people.

As a matter of fact, people in the future will be very amused by the notion of "work" or "money". They'll make many jokes about it.

Will robots conclude humans are obsolete and not needed?
This is a popular misconception. Robots #1 concern will be to take care of humans, and keep them from killing each other. Without humans, robots would have no priority function.

Robots and computers will advance the human race far further than any false promises made by humans.
Limitations will be not just be broken, they'll be shattered into a million pieces.

The robotic revolution has begun.
In 2013 Google bought 7 robotic companies that herald the beginning of a completely new era of understanding.
Add to that the LHC, the largest most complex machine ever devised by humans --- doubling it's power for 2014 and exploring particles not even theorized yet!
Manufacturing gold via chemical alchemy --- bacteria that is fed a chemical, which produces pure 24 caret gold when they poop! --- Say goodbye to any "gold standard". It's nothing but a scheme dreamed up by scammers to make them wealthy and you poor.
Or diamonds made better in a laboratory that are superior in every way to anything mother nature is capable of making.

Everything you knew, with very few exceptions, will become obsolete.

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